The Oxford Print Fair & Getting Your Assets In Gear

This weekend is Mogul’s first event. In partnership with Forecast Events we have brought the incredibly successful Manchester Print Fair (save the date!) to Oxford.

On Saturday the 9th September, at 10am we open the doors of The Yard at Modern Art Oxford and let the public in to meet and buy from 20 printmakers. We’re open until 5pm, and there’s a huge range of techniques and styles on show — and there’s even a chance to try your hand at letterpress.

The Manchester Print Fair has been an established event for many years, with a huge turnout and an engaged community around it.

But this new print fair had to start afresh. And how do you get people talking about an event like this, when it’s been untested in this city?

You give them something to talk about, naturally.

So between Mogul and Forecast Events, we decided we’d find a few things for people to talk about. Here’s the brand assets we put together for the Oxford Print Fair:

To begin with, we developed a series of marks to represent the fair, and naturally the OX stood out. We picked out a few of these, and you’ll see these parts of the visual identity appear online and in the newsletter, (if you signed up!)

We asked all the printmakers attending the event to, if they had time, contribute their version of the event’s OX mark. Some of these are stunning, and it’s really a testament to the quality of the artists that they could take such a simple and open brief and give us back something so lovely.

Then we decided that we needed something clever, to help engagement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We’d already been introducing the artists one by one, with beautiful shots of their work, tied together with a similar style, typography, and making the use of galleries on social media.

But we needed something more.

So we enlisted Ste Beed, animator and general good egg, to create an animation which we could use as a promotion video across social.

And as you can see, all of these things have made for interesting engagements — sharing and talking about the print fair, giving a chance for the printmakers to interact and feel good about doing so.

At the same time, with our print partners Holywell Press, we designed and printed our event banners and event handouts, where we gave everyone involved in the running of the event a little shout-out.

Paul Jarvis from Holywell Press looking pleased with their work.

In addition to this, we would be missing a trick not to produce our own posters, using traditional screen printing techniques.

With G . F Smith, the legendary paper supplier, providing us with the materials for Alex from Crooked Cartoon in Manchester to print our beautiful design on, this was a match made in heaven.

Screen-printed posters on G . F Smith Paper on the drying racks

It becomes simple to talk about something, when you have something to show people — when you have something you’re proud of to show off. And this is the simple, direct joy of having all your branded assets lined up.

Working with Mogul can bring you these little bits of joy, because there’s nothing quite like having a way to clearly express yourself, and what you’re doing.

We pride ourselves on giving you a way to make your work, organisation or event important to everyone around it. We approach everything we do with a genuine curiosity and base all of our work on top of a solid research and discovery process.

If you’d like to be as excited as we are about the Oxford Print Fair (9th September, 10am-5pm at Modern Art Oxford, by the way) for your next campaign or event, then get in touch. We can give you the assets to make shouting about what you do, natural, easy and obvious.

Mogul is a brand and identity studio. Our work is founded on research and discovery and we bring our genuine curiosity to everything we do with our clients. If you’d like to talk about your organisation, drop us an email on

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