A Process To Kill Doubt

Richard Clarkson Studio

Most of the time, it’s easy making business decisions. It can come down to what will make you the most money, give the company the most value, or provide a set of improvements across the board that just has to help somebody.

But then there are the tricky decisions too — the ones you put off because it’s a big question, or it’s a matter of how the company is perceived.

You know it’s difficult to look at yourself objectively, that’s why we sort-of-squint in the mirror before leaving the house to convince ourselves that we’re more George Clooney than Danny DeVito. It’s the way a lot of people and businesses get through the day-to-day confidence of existing — “we’re a good company, we help people” your office might say to itself before you unlock in the morning, if indeed the walls could talk.

And that’s one of the reasons these perception issues get pushed aside. If you have to do a confidence trick on yourself, or your business to get going — you know you’re not the best judge of whether the company is really holding up its values or not, or even if it has any!

But sometimes you realise the brand is getting tired (you’re embarrassed to hand out your business cards), that your customers don’t understand what you do, your staff aren’t proud to be doing the work they do, and that your brand name doesn’t contain as much value as you’d thought.

It is usually for one of the above reasons that a tricky perception decision is on your desk in the first place. You know you need something, but it’s hard to pull the trigger with so much doubt around the subject.

When it comes to this, the more self-aware business owner will get in touch with someone like Mogul to discuss their brand, their values, their communications — however it might exist in their head — because they want someone to come in and kill the doubt.

So, that’s what we do. We have a process to kill that doubt.

It’s not revolutionary. It’s just a lot of conversations and a great deal of telling the truth.

Our process involves a series of careful, discrete stakeholder interviews — that are shared with no one outside of Mogul — to provide a sense of what the business is about in a way that lets everyone have a voice. We like to take in all aspects of the process, this means everyone from the board to those on the floor, to supplier and customers.

We build this into a brand report, to let you know where you are right now as a brand.

This means, that instead of squinting in the mirror, or pushing aside the idea because it’s difficult to understand yourself and your company without what feels like a great deal of introspection, you now have a view of how you are perceived.

What you do with this information ultimately comes down to you. We provide recommendations, and we usually encourage businesses to formalise their values and brand guidelines with us at least. In some cases we design communication tools and language for front line staff can help them do their jobs better, and in the boardroom the business values can be expressed clearly, or we work with marketing teams for giant campaigns full of big ideas and clever uses of the brand. All of this is about making the lives of everyone in the company’s life a little easier when it comes to talking about themselves.

Making a decision when you’re informed is easy. That’s why it’s easy to make business decisions where there’s obvious upsides, or a clear reward. Making yourself informed about the perception of your business can make what seem like painful choices riddled with doubt simple and obvious.

Get in touch if you need your doubt killing.

Mogul is a brand and identity studio. Our work is founded on research and discovery and we bring our genuine curiosity to everything we do with our clients. If you’d like to talk about your organisation, drop us an email on hello@wearemogul.com

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