Make Believe

Judson Hamilton’s The New Make Believe from Dostoyevsky Wannabe mixes odd, meaningful places with crunchy names and concepts with a shrugging kind of onlineness that drives his own romantic and spiritual life — Pisa, the first from the collection opens as it intends to continue:

The disdain or wilful ignorance for the monumental happenings around him are a theme — he is missing things because of the webbed narrative in his own head around conquest. A distracting and familiar sense of hyper connection of the psyche to the passing world of the internet.
 The poetry is quick, sparse, existing in the moment but for a few flights of fantasy. We are very much in a mode of recording what happened, a kind of “here is the history of a few moments” with little judgement about it. In this way it reminds me a little of Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good — although it hasn’t got the element of hiding the critique, it does have the moving around a subject to illustrate it.
 Small Talk is a nice example of this, a gentle prodding at something where the subject is talked around rather than directly dealt with — but for the chink of light poetics at the end.

Pick up The New Make Believe from Dostoyevsky Wannabe here.

How about this hybrid flash by K.B. Carle — Vagabond Mannequin— which mixes crosswords and crossword clues with literary flash fiction. I enjoy the idea of it being a game here, we’re always unpicking the meaning of poetry, but we don’t usually do it by solving one down to start.

This week’s song is Open by Rhye — which is mostly about the magically smooth voice that barely wanders about on top of the bassline.

Thank you for reading Etch To Their Own, it was written by @CJEggett with only his 80% knowledge of where keyboard keys are supposed to be, and which part of the body you are supposed to press against them. Still, he managed it. Last time we heard from Judson was for the chapbook No Rainbow. Which was exactly 111 issues ago. Our Sammy has some poems up this week, here. We’ve all been here, when someone asks us something important and fundamental while we have a hangover.

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