Baby, I Don’t Care

I have returned to Chelsey Minnis this week, to give her some more attention than I did while at a wedding.
Baby, I Don’t Care is one of the best books of poetry I have read this year. It’s completely of itself and feels a little like a self-help guide. Chelsey created the book by ambiently (or directly) lifting lines from old films on the Turner Movie Channel. As such every line is a kind of proposition, a demand of someone else, or an expression of the current power statuses held in the room.
The way that each poem is addressed to someone — because they are resown lines of dialogue — presents a manic tone throughout. In my favourite poem in the collection, Romance, you can see this manic tone at its most fun:

The off-handed phrasing allows the real meaning to be implied between the hyperbole — and still does everything a poem about love or falling in love, or indeed enjoying the idea of falling in love with someone else mutually as a game, is supposed to do. It still says “we were meant to meet,” and: “this is risky and dangerous” and: “we will likely be rewarded with something exciting possibly ultimately painful”. Here the speaker in the poem, which is almost always a woman, is advancing the game with lines that play with the current boundaries while also offering their own kind of paradox to unpick. Sharing adjoining rooms, a favourite colour being wine, slightly impossible thing that would disarm.
The entire book is like being repeatedly disarmed, but on a different theme for each section as the collection wanders through all the major milestones of life.

Visual Verse very kindly judged my poem to be one of three lead poems for their 5 year anniversary issue. I’m quite pleased with what came out in the allotted hour time. See me here.

Rosebud has something a little romantic up in Sixth Finch, over here. She is exploring the longer side of love this time — and the way that everything is bartered for a built over time.

This weeks’ song is Romance, by Beth Gibbons. Because this seems to be the theme.

Thank you for reading Etch To Their Own. It was written by @CJEggett and he doesn’t know what’s put him in this mood either, if it’s your fault please make yourself known. It’s been another scruffy one, but then, when hasn’t one been scruffy? I am off on holiday in a couple of hours, think of me when you’re at work and I am struggling to enjoy some nice sunshine and a swim ❤

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