For You In The Dark. Never Ask For Proof.

I was very kindly sent a copy of Nu-Lit’s Micro/Macro zine some weeks ago, and I managed to spend some time with it today.
 The zine is one that showcases these very small texts, often in the context of an image.
 Here’s a favourite, by j.holth:

or this by Heather Ash:

Or this by Maynard:

It’s interesting to me that often we’re searching for the concreteness of image in our poetry and writing. We’re always looking for the hardest most touchable version of what we’re offering the reader, and yet, as is the case here, using an actual image brings about less certainty.
 I suppose this is because it’s two kind of interpretations which have to be parsed separately and then melded together to make sense. In some cases you can happily hold on to a kind of punning, but there’s more to dig out of the play between image and imagery.
 You can pick up copies of Micro/Macro here.

I really like the rubber tombstones here, somehow irreverent and extremely metal

And the power of darkness moving up the nail — as if it were a kind of sundial, but on that is intentionally designed to snuff out progress in one swift, sharp, whack.


Rosebud Ben-Oni, has a new poem out in Tin House. This time the poet is wrestling with starhorse in the dark. Here’s a snippet:

There’s a more urgent tone here compared to recent poems — a real gripping of the mane. It seems to be exploring the way outwardly we have to be torn by obligation whereas inwardly we’re simple and changed — a war between shared and personal narratives.

This week’s song is Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple’s Left Handed Kisses

Thanks for reading Etch To Their Own. This boy is tired and so are his hands — having hardened by recently returning to the content mines. I know right. I have some poems appearing in Soft Cartel on the 6th, which might be a Monday, for those of you who are fans of assuming the day of a date. It’s more of the same really, but there’s a nice image or two in the soup I am sure.

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