A little sad thing that doesn’t reveal itself

This evening I am being quick because I have to enjoy the party season and then climb on to a plane to take me to the rolling graveyards of Lisbon and Porto. Enjoy what has been an extremely good week for short poems and flash fiction.

NOTE: the party season was so good I forgot to publish this at the time… enjoy!

This passive-aggressive recipe by Vael Van Der Wuden is a jolly argument about the expressed value of family within a relationship.

A nice “poem brut” in 3:AM magazine by Kate Siklosi, and, coincidentally, great advice

A little dream from James Tate, that just demands to be read out loud as soon as you start.

I somehow want to say that this one is a little more dreamlike than a dream. A sci-fi wander about how we define goodness? Everyone Believes They Are They Good Guy by Cynthia Arrieu-King.

Patience, Patience, Hortense, and Wilbur by Meghan Phillips punches harder than flash fiction usually has time to do. A sad little thing that doesn’t quite reveal itself to be what it is until after you’ve finished it, and the dirt settles. Here’s the start:

This week’s song is Shark Smile by Big Thief. She said “woop”.

Thanks for reading Etch To Their Own, ask your ex-boyfriends to subscribe over here. It was written by @CJEggett and proofread by no one. Next Friday will be 50 weeks of this in a row, which is very much like a real number. I may also be on a plane, so it would really help if you could all move somewhere that would give me more time to scribble it out for you — or you could just set your clocks back a few hours.

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