I Spy With My Iris

I had a lovely time at the print fair last weekend (I’m the tall one trying to not get in the way too much, but still a little bit). Not only was there loads of artists and printmakers in the sense that you might expect, but there was also Hurst Street Press — a publisher of innovative writing.

I was lucky enough to record an interview to Shoshana, one of the founders of Hurst Street Press, at the Oxford Print Fair. Sadly it’s not ready for release yet, but once it is I’ll share it with you in these pages!

I picked up a copy of IRIS II at the fair. I was really excited to see that they’d brought it along as I’d scouted them out previously online.

The journal is full of wonderful multi-disciplinary works — lovingly riso-printed (amongst other techniques!). This is another literature-as-object items that has it’s value rolled into the way it is presented. See our discussions on NOX by Anne Carson.Predictably, I picked up this issue rather than either of the other two.

Predictably, I picked up this issue rather than either of the other two because the second piece mentioned Ezra Pound. I present, A (very) brief history of Serious Men at Coney Island:

And obviously it’s wonderful. The writer, Lauren Baldwin, does that thing I love of connecting a known point of culture/literature and offers it directly to the reader. Here the serious men are reviewed at the funfair, each existing in a kind of literary fan-fiction sense that satirises their seriousness — while also ringing true. Each section reflects the writing or expression of the person as they exist in culture and as such is a jolly satire.

I got a shout out, with Eminem.

Sealey’s collection Ordinary Beast official goes on the “to buy” list with:

This Week’s Song is:

Ambient Hour: Episode 21

Thanks for reading Etch To Their Own. TGIF. As always, it was written by @CJEggett, and proofread by no one. Kick back, have a drink, maybe one of the only types of wine available. Sorry I haven’t rabbited on so much in this one, but I believe I have been part of an experiment. Please get in touch if you have spotted a typo. Please get in typo if you’ve spotted a touch.

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