30 Days of Mogul

I joined Mogul officially on the 3rd of July 2017, buying in to the business, taking a 40% stake, and saying farewell to the safety of my long term employer. Here’s a little bit of what it’s been like.

I have worked with Mogul before in a freelance capacity — at first just helping out a friend, and then, later as the projects got bigger, with larger more dedicated work on the content, SEO and technical consultancy side of things.

I have been here 4 weeks, and my first month has been better than expected.

It turns out that what I believed to be true, was true: if you speak to the aspirations of those you want to work with and for, they start to share those aspirations.

And that’s our job at Mogul in part — to give back to organisations the idea that they’re doing something interesting, important, inspiring — not just churning a machine that produces money for them.

Although, of course, what we do makes the machine a little more efficient — because everyone understands what it does, and why it does it.

Developing an idea from a mad spark into an inch of reality is exciting, as is the very measured and careful crafting of questions for our research and discovery interviews.

All of it comes from a natural, genuine curiosity — a place I am happy to be spending most of my time inhabiting for the last month.

The reality of working under your own steam is that everything you produces something at the other end. You can see the direct result of everything your turn your hand to, and as such, it allows you to own your work in a way that has no guilt associated with say — trying to unpick a problem while on a run, or thinking of new ideas for a client in the off hours.

Ultimately, the first month has been an absolute joy especially in finding that if you give yourself to something, you get something back.

We’re running a few fun projects over the next few months — the first of which is the Oxford Print Fair.

The print fair is being hosted by Modern Art Oxford on 9th September, showcasing 21 artists and print studios from across the country. Artwork is available for purchase direct from the creators themselves.

Prints range from large, intricate work and bold posters to smaller items like cards and postcards. There’s even some fun textile work too. Come along to meet the artists (and us!)

Visit us: https://www.oxfordprintfair.co.uk/

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