Owls & Hawks

As always, when politics get in the way of people’s lives they become confused and stop talking about important things like poetry, and instead, pretend to have an opinion on boring an unimportant aspects of life, like economics and long term survival of the nation-state in which they reside.
But still, there has been a few pieces worth looking at this week, between the political seepages.

Owl is another great piece of writing published by Spelk. Taj Tanaka weaves us a flash fiction about the moral troubles of encountering a distressed animals, and the stories we tell ourselves to make it okay to withhold mercy.

There’s something really Murakami-like about the writing. That kind of gentle pinching at half mused-at threads, and then the snipping them into the relative whole of the piece. It’s that kind go writing that feels like a negotiation that writer is having with themselves.

If you don’t already — please go and follow @HaggardHawks on twitter, and sign up to the newsletter. You’ll have your feed peppered with wonderful snips of language, such as:

My well-known fondness for found poems and other “constructed” poems is well known by now. This week I have a poem generated through picking out the best lines from someone’s Duolingo session! It’s called My Sister Goes To The Institute, and is probably best read on twitter on that link, but here’s the last panel:

Anne Carson, my living fave, might have a gender, or not, or several. This is an interesting little look at gender presentation in her work and life. As I have commented before, we can all follow Charlotte Shane’s fine words and start any discussion of Carson with:

“I love Anne Carson’s work dearly though I suspect I am too stupid for it”

Thanks for reading Etch To Their Own. As always, this was written by Christopher John Eggett and he is a scruffy as ever. Despite the fact there are plenty of people here, this newsletter remain unproofed. This weekend I am in Wales, near that bookshop that started all of it. Also, as I always like to say, please get in touch if you have anything you need to get off your chest and lodge into mine.

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