Dystopian Futures I Wouldn’t Mind At All #2: I am a sentient tongue

In the future we will all be 80% cyborg, which means the remaining twenty percent human in the mix will be a tongue that lives in an amazing kitchen appliance.

I guess you might also be a mouth of sorts too — some kind of sensory area for experiencing textures and heat. Maybe you’d have some kind of teeth, but probably not.

Your robot body would be the perfect replacement in many ways, except the senses which are hard to give up — it’s fine to replace the bones, but not the flesh, not everywhere at least. Rather than needing to cook and eat your own food, you’d simply provide the ingredients, and the mechanisms in your new body would do all the work for you, providing your taste-buds with Michelin star food, for a body which barely needs it.

Good luck.

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