Dear Sir,

While in the queue behind myself and my girlfriend you caused me some discomfort. I found that you places several items on the black rubber conveyor, as is expected. I accept this is common  practice. No, my problem is the order in which you laid your purchases on the conveyor. First you placed a multi-pack of kitty gourmet tasty cat chunks (tm), or some such nonsense down. While I don’t like cats very much at all I don’t believe you ought to starve them - no, this is not what caused me some discomfort. What you laid next to this were some pink pre packaged prawns - already cooked and BOGOF.

I quite like prawns, although I think you’re a heathen for not buying them raw. No, this is not what caused my discomfort.

It is what happened next, you placed down three packages of dry kitty cat fish flavoured biscuit treats (tm) this, to me, said that the prawns were for the cat.

Now, I may need to explain. It is common for men and women, while trying not to hate each other in the queue in a supermarket, to look at another person’s shopping and to think of what kind of person they’ve beaten to the queue.

Then you placed on the rubber conveyor some instant cappuccino - I had at this point, the feeling this was for the cat too.

Then you laid on the rubber conveyor some cans of tuna.

I found myself queuing net to a man, no sort of man, a cat owner who had prioritized the cat over himself. I wondered what the cat had on you? It must be blackmail? What have you done?